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It cannot get easier. 

The Jack Winn Salon has recently added Nail Technician Services, making your lives a lot easier. We are able to color your hair while you get your nails done, saving you time! Lisa does a beautiful job too. Check out our ladies in action!



Shelby Pence was thrilled to be able to style Tarin's hair and help make her feel beautiful on her very special day.

Take a look at the amazing photos of the Tarin and Joe's wedding shot by Lauren Scotti here





Jack Winn Salon & Body Center featured in OCMETRO

Jack Winn Salon and Body Center


 Published: December 01, 2009

Taking time to visit the Jack Winn Salon is highly recommended, especially when life is in full motion. When you walk into the trendy salon, with its open lighting and artsy décor, you will find a hub of activity, especially at 10 a.m. on a Saturday, when I visited. 
I was escorted to the Body Center, tucked away in a dimmed room located at the back of the spa – satin robe and soothing music included. The salon’s many treatments include On The Rocks, an anti-aging, antioxidant facial that treats sun damage and stimulates cellular regeneration, and the Renew Facial, a pumpkin-enzyme peel that promotes new cell production. 
Jack Winn found a great asset in esthetician Megan Alderson, whose facial technique is slightly atypical of the ordinary mask treatment. Megan uses her soothing voice, magic hands and way of knowing what the face needs by asking a few simple questions. She incorporates a full-face treatment that includes a deep muscle massage and a process that eliminates excess toxins from the body, allowing the face to feel tightened and refreshed. 

After my treatment, a fellow client told me that my face was glowing. As I politely accepted her compliment, I mentioned that I’d just had one of the best experiences of my life, and that I was officially addicted. 
With time to spare, I got my eyebrows waxed by Lisa Le, a makeup artist and eyebrow genius. She assessed my face’s shape and sculpted my brows for optimum effect. Lisa’s specialty is permanent makeup; she’s so talented, even the most critical eye would be fooled into believing that the look she creates is completely natural.
Offering a soothing, calming atmosphere and service by a friendly, professional staff, the Jack Winn Salon is an awesome place to wind down and take a quick breather from the daily rigors of life. 
Yes, it’s oh so worth the time.

Where: 2901 W. Coast Hwy., Newport Beach
Phone: 949.887.9702


Make sure your husbands and boyfriends keep their hair!


BOTOX um yep-- I said it! You might need it!

As the owner of the JWS I see people every day with good and bad work done to there face.  I also get asked from clients all the time "where should I go".  I have found someone who is great and has a fair price!  I say fair because botox is not cheap the product is very costly to the provider, so I say run if the price is too good.  One last note start with botox don't do it all at once (fillers, lazier, ect...) small steps, I don't often see bad botox so if you have lines give it a try!


Another Satisfied Client!

Lydia came to Jack Winn Salon as a new client and left a loyal fan! The young Entrepreneur blogged about her experience with us on her own site.

Check out Simply Tidy by Lydia.......

"I like purple crayons but not purple hair"!


The VISIA™ Digital Complexion Analysis System makes it possible for the first time to scan your skin and record surface and subsurface skin conditions such as wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness, and photodamage. Using multi-spectral digital analysis, the VISIA™ Complexion Analysis System gives us the tools to plan a treatment program and customize a skin care regimen based on your unique complexion profile.

Your VISIA™ Digital Complexion Analysis is the first step toward achieving optimal skin rejuvenation. With the information obtained from this analysis, an individualized program can be designed. As your treatments progress, The VISIA™ Digital Complexion Analysis system provides invaluable assistance in tracking the changes in your skin and monitoring the effectiveness of the program.


Jack loves ingredients! Here is an article on 2 of my favorite products for thinning hair. 


Shelby styles the bride.

Shelby Pence was happy to be asked to style hair for the wedding of Jenny and Luc. Check out their photos for a blast from the past in look and feel.. we love them!

Take a look at the amazing photos of the wedding shot by Feather Love here.


Shelby and Sadie are featured in Little Black Book

Shelby Pence and Sadie Curtin are featured on the bridal website Little Black Book for their work for the wedding of Kelsey and Scott.

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